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Who Are We

Letizia are a British/American musical songwriting partnership that started writing together in 2007 when Denise set out looking for a special kind of person with a certain intangible sound and a unique way of thinking to bring the music to life. In Carlo she found exactly that. 

Carlo’s sound, influenced by the likes of Santana, Hendrix and Page and Denise’s love of harmonies influenced by the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac to name but a few, came together beautifully to produce their debut album ‘There and Back’. 

‘There and Back’ tells an intriguing tale of difficult decisions and battles between the heart and mind, practical and safe vs the unknown. It's a story about overcoming very difficult circumstances and nearly impossible odds, and through it all, creating something real and beautiful. 

New CD - There and Back

Letizia have recently completed and released their debut album "There and Back". The full length CD featuring all original material written by Denise and Carlo is available now. Buy direct from the artist.

Buy in the US - $13 USD ....... Buy in the UK - £9 GBP

  • Blind Faith

    First track from There and Back.

  • Our Tomorrows

    Track for the next album

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